Born On A River 12" E.P. (limited cover)

Image of Born On A River 12" E.P. (limited cover)


A 12" pressing of "Bagagazo" 7" (2012) with 2 extra tracks.
A: 1) Scorpion 2) Ravenous 3) Feathered Fish
B: 1) Born On A River 2) Bagagazo

These are extra copies of the the 2012 "Born on a River" 12" EP (limited to 500) which were 'born' without covers. They sat naked in limbo until a special batch of limited silk-screened covers were made five years later. If you missed picking this up the first time around or you're just a completist Gaze nerd, nab one before its too late!
Limited to 73.
First 25 ordered come with a groovy download card from the original 500.

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